Urban Forum - Practice meets Academia

Last changed: 17 February 2021

The two research platforms Urban Arena at Lund University and SLU Urban Futures joined forces during Lund’s Sustainability Week in April 2019. Together they arranged a place where practitioners and practice-oriented researchers could meet and exhibit their work, finished or in progress, tackling urban sustainability in manifold ways.

During the Floor Talks of the Urban Forum | Practice meets Academia practitioners and researchers engaged in discussions with each other to refine issues of societal importance for practice and academia. 15 project authors engaged with the audience (in English or Swedish) to bring light to burning questions, critical aspects, inspiring findings, in a collegial atmosphere. 

The Wednesday afternoon Books in Discussion explored the role of books in current discourse. The event gathered an international panel of practitioners and academics, all engaged in the design of sustainable cities, to present and discuss their recently published books. Why books today, in digital times and proliferating web-based publishing? What motivates professionals and academics to publish their urban work in books? How do they translate the manifold aspects of engaging with the urban realm in design practice and research into the pages of books? Selected book authors and editors present their publications shortly while opening for discussion with the audience, culminating in a final presentation by atelier le balto’s new monography Escales. Professionals and academics wanting to bring their own books are warmly invited to join the concluding ‘Open Round’ of the afternoon!

Exhibition - program

Exhibition is open on 8-12 April 2019 13.00-17.00

Inauguration 8 April 13.00

Floor Talks - program

Monday 8 April 13.00-17.00

13.00 Introduction by Per-Johan Dahl and Lisa Diedrich

13.30 Floor Talk 1
Urban Skogmar, Tove Sthen, Viggo Thormark Fröst – SWECO
Tree House City: a green common ground

14.00 Floor Talk 2
Karin Hammarlund, Emil Gottberg, KREERA
How to practice holistic planning?

14.30 Floor Talk 3
Ingrid Svetoft, Halmstad University, Katarina Carlsson Platskultur and Fredrik Almlöf, FAAF
Forum architecture: Let's talk

15.00 Coffee break

15.30 Floor Talk 4
Christer Malmström, Malmström Edström arkitekter ingenjörer (MEEAB)Positive footprint housing: a new approach to sustainable dwelling

16.00 Floor Talk 5
Ea Baden, Ekologigruppen Ekoplan AB
Views from the field: water conservation in Scanian agricultural landscapes 

16.30 Floor Talk 6
Emma Ekdahl, Emelie Ireman, ÅF Landscape and Ida Karlsson, Växjö Municipality
From forest to esplanade in Bäckaslöv: designing for future streetlife 

Tuesday 9 April 13.00-17.00

13.00 Introduction by Per-Johan Dahl and Lisa Diedrich

13.30 Floor Talk 7
Mustakima Hussain, Sustainable Urban Design, LTH, Lund University, Sweden
Playfulness matters: shaping cityscapes for children and youth 

14.00 Floor Talk 8
Shiar Jacobs, Collective Sublime
Retrofits on the cheap: green infrastructure to improve health and the environment

14.30 Floor Talk 9
Peder Hjorth, Department of Water Resources Engineering, Lund University
A macroscopic and systemic approach to understanding city dynamics

15.00 Coffee break

15.30 Floor Talk 10
Paulien Strandberg-de Bruijn. Dept of Building Materials, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University and Kristin Balksten. Conservation, Uppsala University Campus Gotland.
Sustainable renovation of historic buildings with hemp-lime

16.00 Floor Talk 11
Henrik Malm, Petra Jenning, FOJAB
City Fiction Malmö 500 k

16.30 Floor Talk 12
Neil Sang, Swedish University of Agricultural Science
The Ecosystem Service City: Filtering a Deluge of Social Media Data

Wednesday 10 April 13.00-15.00

13.00 Introduction by Per-Johan Dahl and Lisa Diedrich

14.00 Floor Talk 13
Véronique Faucheur and Nil Lachkareff, Atelier le balto
IGA Campus Berlin: A landscape for learning at the margins of Berlin

13.30 Floor Talk 14
Véronique Faucheur and Nil Lachkareff, atelier le balto and Martin Allik, MARELD
Jubileumsparken Göteborg: Work in progress 

14.30 Floor Talk 15
Martin Allik and Oskar Ivarsson, MARELD
Restoring the outlet of Ståstorpsån creek, Trelleborg


Books in Discussion - program

15.30-17.00 Presentation

Lisa Diedrich, chief editor LAE, Wageningen Landscape Architecture Europe #5, Care Create Act (Blauwdruk, Wageningen, 2018)

Per-Johan Dahl, Riccardo Pollo, Francesca Thiébat, Carlo Micono, Giudo Zanzottera, editors, Turin RE:WATERFRONT, a sustainable architectural approach (FrancoAngeli, Milan, 2019)

Martin Allik, NN/ directors of Mareld, Gothenburg Att drivas av variabeln X (MARELD och Rubrik, Gothenburg, 2017)

Caroline Dahl, Per-Johan Dahl, Krisoffer Nilsson, editors, Malmö PLAN REDUX: Om tidsdjup i omvandlingen av Frihamnen (Movium Partnerskap, Alnarp, 2019)

17:00 Mingle, book table, and presentation by atelier le balto

Veronique Faucheur, atelier le balto, Berlin Escales - atelier le balto (Parenthèses, Marseille, 2018)

Panel discussion with Martin Allik (Mareld), Sonia Curnier (EPFL Lausanne, KTH), Lisa Diedrich (SLU) and Per-Johan Dahl (LTH)

Open Round: Your books!


Time: 2019-04-08 - 2019-04-13
City: Lund
Location: LUX, Helgonavägen 3
Organiser: Urban Arena & SLU Urban Futures
Exhibition 8-12 April 2019
Inauguration 8 April 13.00
Floor Talks 8-10 April 2019
Books in Discussion 10 April 2019