Urban Forum - Navigating past, present, and future

Last changed: 03 December 2021

On 12th November 2021, the fifth Urban Forum brought together actors from practice and academia to share perspectives on contemporary societal and spatial challenges relating to the theme of “Time in Design – Navigating past, present, and future".

This Urban Forum discussed landscape flow, how architects effectively can work with policymakers, pre-existences versus existing projects, urban greening, the ABC of architecture in the Anthropocene and Action Network Modeling.

Programme 12 Nov

14.00    Introduction
             Sonia Curnier, SLU Urban Futures, Sweden
             Per-Johan Dahl, Urban Arena, Lund University, Sweden
             Andrea Kahn, SLU Urban Futures, Sweden - designCONTENT,
             New York, USA
             Johan Rahm, Urban Arena, Lund University, Sweden
             Ida Sandström, Urban Arena, Lund University, Sweden

14.15    The Common Ground - how low can you flow?
            Johan Paju, PAJU Arkitektur och Landskap AB, Sweden

14.40    Sun-Villa Time Travelling in LA
            Bojana Banyasz & Donatella Cusma, Claret-Cup, Los Angeles, USA

15.05    PATHS-MAPS, between pre-existences and new project
            María Jesús Huarte, FADU UBA Facultad de Arquitectura Diseño y
            Urbanismo Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

15.30    Break

15.55    Urban Greening: Markers of Time & Future Urbanism
            Theodore S. Eisenman, University of Massachusetts in Amherst, USA

16.20    ABC of Architecture in the Anthropocene
            Daniel Berg, Daniel Berg Arkitekter AB, Sweden

16.45    Action Network Modelling
            Scott Lloyd MSc (TEN), Hans-Christian Rufer MSc, ETH Arc,

17.10    Closing discussion
            Moderator: Sonia Curnier, SLU Urban Futures, Sweden

The Urban Forum is a format fostering exchanges between practice and academia, in a collegial atmosphere. The safe space we offer should allow everyone to speak freely about ongoing projects and unresolved issues, to share intuitions and bold ideas they wish to bring to light and get feedback on. For this reason, the sessions will not be recorded and the audience is limited to presenters and their colleagues.

The online Urban Forum is planned as a recurring event. If you wish to take part in a future session you are warmly invited to answer our next call for projects (check our website and social media for updates).


Time: 2021-11-12
Location: Online
Urban Arena, Lund University
(Assoc. Prof. Per-Johan Dahl, Lecturer Ida Sandström, Assoc. Senior Lecturer Johan Rahm)

SLU Urban Futures, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
(Prof. Lisa Diedrich, Dr. Sonia Curnier, designCONTENT/Andrea Kahn)

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