Urban Forum - Rethinking Design Processes

Last changed: 03 December 2021

This first digital version of the Urban Forum offered an opportunity to thrive on the exchanges between practitioners and thinkers sharing the same vision of the responsibility of design in the face of the spatial challenges of contemporary societies.

In the times of multiple crises that we are facing, design – as an activity, a process and a result – should contribute to building more sustainable, safe, healthy, democratic and socially inclusive living environments. But what defines conscious and high-quality design and how can it be achieved?

Practitioners and thinkers of architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, urban studies and the construction industry were invited to discuss their designs (realised or not) and research endeavours (practice-based or -oriented) in an online Urban Forum. Sessions dedicated to each project allowed the authors to discuss burning questions, critical aspects, inspiring findings they wish to bring to light and get feedback on, in a collegial atmosphere. Project authors presented their work in a 7x7 format (7 slides – 7 minutes), followed by a moderated discussion of 14 minutes.

Programme 5 February

14.00h      Introduction
                 Per-Johan Dahl, Urban Arena, Lund University, Sweden
                 Sonia Curnier, SLU Urban Futures, Sweden 
                 Andrew Gallagher, SLU Urban Futures, Sweden

14.15h      Design as loom
                 Tomà Berlanda, architect & co-founder, a studio.space,
                 and professor of architecture, University of Cape Town,
                 South Africa
                 Sunniva Viking, architect & co-founder, a studio.space,
                 Cape Town, South Africa

14.40h      Vasaplan : a waiting square
                 Åsa Drougge, Göran Lindberg and Stina Hellqvist,
                 Nivå Landscape architecture, Stockholm Sweden

15.05h      Governor's Cup: Waste as Architecture
                 Victoria Rospond, CDR Studio, New York City, USA

15.30h      Econef Children’s center
                 Frida Öster, Asante Architecture & Design, Stockholm, Sweden

15.55h       Break

16.20h      Toward Anti-strategic Urban Design
                 Nils Björling, Chalmers University, Göteborg, Sweden

16.45h      Silent Landscapes
                 Gijs de Haan, Corné Strootman, Kollektief,
                 Rotterdam, Netherlands

17.10h      Micro-University Haus Bräutigam
                 Maria Frölich-Kulik, Jessica Christoph and Till Hoffmann,
                 Haus Bräutigam e.V., Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany

17.35h      Closing discussion

Andrew Gallagher, SLU Urban Futures
Andrea Kahn, SLU Urban Futures and designCONTENT, New York, USA

The Urban Forum is a format fostering exchanges between practice and academia, in a collegial atmosphere. The safe space we offer should allow everyone to speak freely about ongoing projects and unresolved issues, to share intuitions and bold ideas they wish to bring to light and get feedback on. For this reason, the sessions will not be recorded and the audience is limited to presenters and their colleagues.

The online Urban Forum is planned as a recurring event and will be held regularly during 2021. If you wish to take part in a future session you are warmly invited to answer our next call for projects (check our website and social media for updates).


Time: 2021-02-05
Location: Online
Organiser: SLU Urban Futures, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Prof. Lisa Diedrich, Dr Sonia Curnier, designCONTENT/Andrea Kahn)
Urban Arena, Lund University (Assoc. Prof. Per-Johan Dahl)


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