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Last changed: 12 October 2023

SLU´s main campus is Ultuna, six kilometres south of Uppsala. This is where you find the Vice-Chancellor´s office, most of the administration and two of four faculties – and very many students.

Ultuna September 2023, photo.

SLU in Uppsala is located on the Ultuna campus in the southern part of the city. Here, you'll find the university administration, two of the four faculties, a significant portion of the support staff, and a large number of students.

The Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences, as well as the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, have the majority of their operations based in Ultuna. SLU's other two faculties have most of their activities in Alnarp north of Malmö and in Umeå. Skara is also a significant SLU location.

To the east of Uppsala, you'll find Lövsta Swedish Livestock Research Centre, Europe's most modern facility for teaching and research on farm animals (dairy cattle, pigs and poultry). The Lövsta Field Research Station is also located here, where SLU conducts research on soil and crops. You can see pictures from the inauguration in 2018 here.

At Ultuna, you'll find Sweden's only university animal hospital (UDS), where practical animal healthcare is combined with research and education. Veterinary students and veterinary nursing students have parts of their education based at UDS and also at Lövsta.

You can view a map of Ultuna here with car parks (P) (Google maps).

The Knowledge Park

SLU educates landscape architects both at Ultuna and in Alnarp. The Knowledge Park is a demonstration facility for teaching and research. It is also a place for recreation and inspiration that is always open to everyone. You can read more about the Knowledge Park here.

Photo below unless otherwise stated: Mårten Granert-Gärdfeldt.

How to get to Ultuna campus

Visiting address: Servicecenter: Ulls hus, Almas allé 8, Uppsala

Buses and trains

It is easy to get to Uppsala. There are both train and bus options from Arlanda airport.

From Stockholm, it takes 40 minutes by train to the Uppsala travel centre. From the travel centre, it is convenient to take one of the Uppsala lokaltrafik city buses (UL). The stop at Ultuna is called Campus Ultuna. If you are visiting the SLU Ecology Center, the Veterinärvägen stop is more suitable.

With bike

There are two nice cycle routes from Uppsala to Ultuna. One runs along the river Fyris and the other runs along Dag Hammarsköld's road. It is about six kilometers from Uppsala city centre to Ultuna.

Find your way at Ultuna campus


The SLU Servicecenter can help you to find your way at Campus Ultuna or to find the person you are looking for.

  • SLU Servicecenter, Ulls hus, Almas allé 8, 018-67 24 00. Open: Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00.

Map on Campus Ultuna

Car parks

Find a parking here

Buildings at Campus Ultuna and outside Uppsala

Here you can find more information about the separate houses at Ultuna.


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