Software for forestry planning and analysis

Last changed: 05 October 2023
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The Heureka system is a series of software developed at SLU that allows the user to perfom a larger amount of different analysis and management plans for forestry. The system can perform short and long term projections of timber, economy, environmental conservation, recreation and carbon sequestration.

Heureka is a powerful system with multiple functions. Using the system therefore requires certain experience of computer based systems and forest planning.

Visit the Heureka-wiki for more information and download instructions. 




Baroniet Adelswärd AB
Bergvik Skog Öst AB
BillerudKorsnäs AB 
Boxholms Skogar AB
County Administrative Boards
Departments at SLU
Diocese of Västerås
Holmen Skog
Häradsmarken AB
Kopparfors Skogar AB 
LRF Skogsägarna
Lund University
Mid Sweden University
National Property Board Sweden (SFV)
Pöyry Management Consulting
Ricklar Skog AB
SLU Swedish Species Information Centre
Stora Enso Skog AB 
Svenska Skogsägarplaner AB
Swedish Forest Agency
Östanå Gods AB


Calculation of carbon sequestration and carbon balances

Evaluation of different management systems and strategies

Forestry planning

Formulate different goals with forest property

Harvest calculations

Landscape planning 

Long-term analyzes for forest properties

Nature conservation and green infrastructure planning

Optimize forestry according to chosen goal

Projection of forests in other systems with Heureka's growth models - API (Application Programming Interface)

Regional and national impact assessments

Sampling before company assessments

Scenario analysis 

Simulate future forest landscapes


Heureka administration board

The board consists of members from some of the partners that in cooperation funds the system management. SLU chairs.

Karl Duvemo, Swedish Forest Industry, SCA Forest

Jeannette Eggers, Department of Forest Resource Management, SLU

Andreas Eriksson, Swedish Forest Agency

Fredrik Gunnarsson, Sveaskog

Ola Inghe, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

August Nilsson, Skogssällskapet

Renats Trubins, Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, SLU

Ulrika Wide, Svenska Skogsägarplaner

Contributing organizations

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


Holmen Skog AB

Stora Enso Skog & Mark AB

BillerudKorsnäs Skog & Industri AB

Kopparfors Skogar AB

Sveaskog Förvaltnings AB

National Property Board

Svenska Skogsägarplaner AB

Swedish Forest Agency

Skogssällskapets Förvaltning AB


Stiftens egendomsförvaltningars förening

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Linneaus University

On our Swedish page you can learn more about projects that use Heureka.