UN climate summit COP

Last changed: 20 June 2022
The globe. Illustration

The UNFCCC organizes climate summits, mainly the annual Conference of Parties (COP), where all countries that have signed the climate convention meet and negotiate how the international climate work will be conducted. During with the COP meetings, side activities and conferences of various associations are also organized. To be able to attend the climate meeting and participate in side activities and conferences, you must have an accreditation. SLU is a registered delegate at the UN climate summit, and can thus apply for accreditation to individuals for participation in the meetings through a nomination process. Travel and subsistence are paid by the participants themselves.

Those interested in being nominated for participation in climate meetings can contact Sabine Jordan (sabine.jordan@slu.se), contact person SLU/UNFCCC.

Next COP meeting is COP27, in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, 7–18 November 2022.

If you want to know more about the work of UNFCCC you can read more about it here: http://unfccc.int