24 Nov

SLU University Library, även online.

Worth knowing - A talk about the history of nature conservation

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Per Simonsson to the left and Jimmy Jönsson to the right.

For a long time, the role of nature conservation in forestry has been subject to discussions in education, politics, and public debates.

The discussions have been characterized by both conflict and consensus; have engaged everything from forest owners to ministers; and have mirrored historical changes in the surrounding society. Using these historical lines as point of departure, biologist Per Simonsson and historian Jimmy Jönsson keep a deepening talk about the history of forestry and nature conservation.

Per Simonsson has worked with nature conservation since the middle of the 1970s, initially at the County Administrative Board and later on at the forest company SCA. He earned a PhD in 2016 for a thesis on the growth and range of nature conservation. Jimmy Jönsson has conducted research about the history of forest research and nature conservation, at Lund University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. He earned a PhD in 2019 for a thesis on the institutionalization of forest biological research in Sweden.