28 May


Resistance breeding for healthy crops

Diseases on crops cause economic losses due to reduced yields and quality. Pesticides (if existing) to control pathogens impose negative impact on the environment and the ecosystem. Improving disease resistance in our crops is the most economical option for disease control and directly relate to the sustainable development goals. In light of the fast climate changes, Sweden is forecasted to experience increased crop losses due to the action of a range of pathogens. This project is based on new knowledge that could help us to speed up breeding to safeguard crops for near future needs in Sweden.

In this webinar, we will inform about the project “Resistance breeding for healthy crops”, which is funded by SLU Grogrund and has a work emphasis on five crops namely potato, wheat, sugar beet, peas and red clover. The project is based on a close collaboration between the Swedish Academy and the plant breeding industry, with a focus on developing and using modern technologies to ensure the availability of varieties with high resistance to diseases and adapted to Swedish conditions. The webinar will have scientific presentations of the results obtained so far and is aimed at academia and industry participants. A popular science-based webinar (in Swedish) is planned in the autumn for an audience with broader expertise.

This Webinar will be in English.


Time: 2021-05-28 13:00 - 14:30
City: Webbinarium
Organiser: SLU Grogrund
Additional info:

Project duration 2019-2023.

Project coordinators: Magnus Karlsson, SLU. Tina Henriksson, Lantmännen.

Participating organisations: SLU, Lantmännen, Findus, MariboHilleshög, Lyckeby and Potatisodlarna.

More information: Resistance breeding for healthy crops | Externwebben (slu.se)


Program 28th May 2021 13.00 – 14.30

13.00 Welcome and project overview, Magnus Karlsson, SLU

13.05 Understanding the resistance mechanism - viable protection strategies for host resistance in potato against Alternaria solani. Sajeevan Radha Sivarajan, SLU

13.15 A mix of poleroviruses infect sugar beet plants in Sweden. Vinitha Puthanveed, SLU

13.25 Pea breeding for increased disease-resistance against root rot. Carol Kälin, SLU

13.35 Red clover microbiome analysis revealed complex diversity of microbial communities across Sweden. Shridhar Jambagi, SLU

13.45 Speeding up resistance breeding in winter wheat, Mustafa Zakieh, SLU

13.55 – 14.00 Short Break

14.00 -14.30 Discussion

Reservation: Titles may slightly become modified to reflect the newest research information

The link to the webinar will be sent to the registered participants.