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6-13 November distance learning; 13-17 November at a venue in the vicinity of Uppsala

Ph.D. course: Enhancing forest resilience for an uncertain future

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Birch Vindel

Do you want to get an in-depth understanding of management strategies to increase resilience under global change? Then join us for this PhD course!

The purpose of the course is to achieve an in-depth theoretical understanding about forest resilience under climate change, and to develop analytical skills for evaluating forest resilience. The course addresses different aspects of forest resilience:

  • Concepts-from gene to landscape: impact of climate and management strategies to increase resilience
  • Socio-economic and political analysis; risk assessment
  • Novel data and inter-disciplinary approaches to study resilience

For more information on the course please read the course syllabus. Register to the course here



Time: 2023-11-06 - 2023-11-17
City: 6-13 November distance learning; 13-17 November at a venue in the vicinity of Uppsala
Organiser: Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre
Last signup date: 15 October 2023


During the course students will have:

  • Pre-course assigned readings from provided scientific literature in forest resilience related to the topics in preparation for the intensive in-door and out-door classes during the course week 
  • Individual oral presentation of the students PhD project
  • Individual short assignment where students will present a forest resilience issue of the students’ choice representative of the region which they come from in relation to the literature provided
  • Lectures from invited national and international guests/experts in the various fields related to forest resilience
  • Focussed group discussion topics within lectures
  • R lab sessions focussed on quantifying resilience using specific packages such as persistR- working in groups with assigned data
  • Field excursions to discuss experimental design for forest resilience to various forest disturbances
  • Final group presentations