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The forest agency trend analysis - what is the impact on forest research for the future?

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Welcome to an online workshop organized by the SLU Future Forests platform where we discuss the needs for future research related to forests and the implications of current global and national trends influencing Sweden, the forest sector and academia alike.


Expect the unexpected in a world where societal values and global markets are changing quickly! In their report Omvärldsanalys 2023, the Forest Agency has identified global and national trends with the potential to influence Swedish forestry and forest sector in the short- and long-term. Global population dynamics, economic developments and the retreat of democratic ideas are some mega-trends taking center stage in the report. The demand for Swedish forest-based products will likely increase but could change in different directions and take on new shapes. The report also mentions that growing the economy within the planetary boundaries is an equation that looks impossible to solve at this moment and trade-offs related to forests are clearly intensifying. 


Departing from the report by the Forest Agency, Future Forests invites to an online workshop about the needs for forest-related research in the near and distant future. During the workshop we will discuss the following questions: 

  • Which research is needed/relevant/useful in a future characterized by the developments pointed out in the SFA report?
  • Which roles should universities and academia play in overcoming the societal challenges identified in the trend analysis?
  • How can Future Forests make a positive difference for researchers focusing on forest-related issues?


We will summarize the workshop discussions in a short report and present it on SLU Ultuna during spring 2024.  


Please register for the Researcher Workshop before 20 January 

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Time: 2024-01-25 13:00 - 15:00
City: Online
Last signup date: 20 January 2024