14 Mar

P-O Bäckströms sal, Umeå

Improving boreal forest regeneration in a variable climate

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Bodil Häggström defends her thesis "Improving boreal forest regeneration in a variable climate" on March 14 2024.

All interested are welcome to attend!

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Code: 346198


Link to thesis: https://publications.slu.se/?file=publ/show&id=128176
Author / Respondent: MSc Bodil Häggström
External reviewer / Opponent: Douglass Jacobs, Fred M. van Eck Professor of Forest Biology, Department of Forest and Natural Resources, Purdue University, USA.
Time: 2024-03-14 09:00
City: Umeå
Location: P-O Bäckströms sal
Organiser: Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiologys s and