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Hyenas and wild bees - students talk about their thesis projects in our podcast

Published: 20 May 2021
A spotted hyena.

Genetic markers in hyenas and the impact of forestry on wild bees. The podcast Wild Research Bites is back with an episode with two master's students who talk about their thesis projects.


Master's students Amber Mertens De Vry and Jaime Luna Santa-María share their experiences as students at the Master's programme Conservation and Management of Fish and Wildlife at SLU in Umeå, Sweden. They also share their super exciting thesis projects.

In the podcast both Amber and Jaime tell us about their experience in the field, what they enjoy about doing their thesis and what they like about living in Sweden.

Listen to the podcast on Spotify or on Soundcloud. There is also a text version.


Amber with a box of tools doing field work.

Amber Mertens De Vry

Amber is a Belgian student and currently developing a set of genetic markers to infer relatedness in spotted hyena populations. This can be used to study population structure, genetic health, mating patterns, dispersal, etc.


Jaime in a forest next to an insec trap.

Jaime Luna Santa-María

Jaime, from Spain, is investigating diversity patterns and functional diversity of wild bee communities between conventionally managed production forests and the so-called “Eco parks”, where production forests and restoration and protection measures are combined.


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