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SLU Centre for Biological Control's annual report 2023

Published: 23 January 2024
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“Year after year we see that biocontrol innovations provide better and better crop protection, in many cases matching or even surpassing chemical pesticides”, says Johan Stenberg, the Director of the SLU Centre for Biological Control, CBC. Read CBC’s annual popular science report 2023!

Year 2023 has presented a rocky road for everyone following EU policy developments in the area of crop protection. After more than a year of tough negotiations, the suggested EU Regulation (SUR) aiming to reduce the use of chemical pesticides was finally rejected by the European Parliament. As there are currently no plans to proceed with re-negotiations, it seems that our policy makers are back to square one – thus, chemical pesticides will remain a legal option for the foreseeable future in Europe.

– Our popular science report provides some highlights of the activities and results achieved during 2023 by the SLU Centre for Biological Control. We hope it will provide an idea about the encouraging developments that SLU is leading in this area. With or without pesticides, biological control will be an important part of future crop protection in Sweden, Europe, and around the world, says Johan Stenberg.

In the report you can read about future biological control strategies, interdisciplinary research for green transformation, challenges and possibilities in plant protection and more.


Biological control is a method of restricting effects of harmful animals, pathogens and plants using other useful organisms, for example microorganisms, insects and plants that inhibit the harmful organisms. The method takes advantage of basic ecological interactions between organisms, such as predation, parasitism, pathogenicity and competition. Today, biological control is used primarily for controlling pests in crop cultivation.

SLU Centre for Biological Control (CBC) aims to develop new knowledge concerning the use of living organisms to control pests and disease


Johan Stenberg

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Professor at the Department of Plant Protection Biology
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