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Three new docents at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment

Published: 10 January 2024

During 2023 were three co-workers at the department appointed Docents (Associate Professor). These three are Anna Székely, Fernando Puente Sanchez and Marcus Wallin.

Fernando Puente Sánchez held his Docent lecture in Biology in the beginning of October. It focused on the challenges of defining microbial species compared to plant and animal ecology. Fernando described the content of his lecture in this way.

Anna Székely and Marcus Wallin have both earlier been appointed Docents at Uppsala University. After moving to SLU have they now also been appointed Docents at SLU

Anna Székely is Docent in Biology with focus on ecology. Her research focuses on the microbiology of diverse aquatic habitats ranging from wastewater to lakes and watercourses. During the last years she has worked a lot with tracing of pathogens, such as the corona virus, in wastewater (in Swedish).

Marcus Wallin is Docent in Environmental Assessment. His research focuses on the carbon cycle and how carbon is transformed and transported between soil, water and atmosphere. During recent years his focus has been on how carbon cycling in aquatic systems is affected by different land use, among others different effects of wetland restoration (in Swedish).