LARK 50 years: Round table discussions

Last changed: 04 February 2022
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Four different round table discussions took place on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Landscape Architecture Programme at SLU 2021.



"The landscape architectures roles in an international perspective"
16 Nov 2021
The invited speakers were the SLU Landscape honorary doctors:
Anne Whiston Spirn, Richard Stiles, Catharine Ward Thompson, Gil Penalosa and Helena Bjarnegård. Moderators: Caroline Dahl and Ingrid Sarlöv Herlin

"The landscape architects' journey with sustainability - the landscape architects' relationship to sustainability"
10 Nov 2021
The invited speakers were Nordic colleagues: Anne Katrine Geelmuyden (Norge), Torben Dam (Danmark), Hermann Gunnlaugsson (Island), Ranja Hautamäki (Finland) and Ingrid Sarlöv Herlin (Sverige). Moderator: Thomas Randrup

"What will be the landscape architect's role and societal mission in 50 years?"
20 Oct 2021
Invited speakers/students: Malte Grahm, Emilia Ruist, Jakob Ekelund and Bim Byström
Moderators: Jitka Svensson and Maria Wisselgren

"How has landscape architecture design been taught through these 50 years?" 
13 Oct 2021
Invited speakers were employees and former employees of SLU: Andrea Kahn, Pär ”Pinge” Gustafsson, Carola Wingren, Tomas Eriksson and Arne Nordius
Moderator: Emily Wade


Matilda Alfengård
Lecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management

SLU Landscape
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