A digital workshop on PhD peer support and wellbeing during corona

Last changed: 12 June 2020
PhD forum April 2020

How can we be socially close even though we are physically distant?

In a workshop in April 2020, we discussed the experiences of being a PhD in times of Corona. The workshop was held digitally and chaired by our communicator Mia Ågren.

For many of us, Corona times are times for reflection. Social distance, (for those who can) creates both space and time to be more alone. But alone does not have to be lonely. Therefore, this session aimed to create a safe space for Landscape PhD students to share thoughts and feelings, give and receive empathy for whatever is happening in life and work, and an opportunity to brainstorm and plan how to help ourselves and others in these physically distant but hopefully socially close times. 

The participants found it meaningful to in a structured way have personal conversations with peers as it made us feel less lonely knowing other shared similar experiences.



Mia Ågren
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