Fieldwork trip to Copenhagen

Last changed: 04 November 2019

The SLU Landscape PhD Forum has recently opened the academic year 2019/20 with a fieldwork trip in the city of Copenhagen on August 28.

After a long ride with the night train from Uppsala, the PhD students from Ultuna arrived in Malmö at the sunrise on the 28th of August, ready to begin an intensive training day with the other PhDs from Alnarp.

Johan Wirdelöv facilitated the fieldwork sessions. The theme for everybody was time.

Once arrived in Copenhagen, and after a brief introduction, the students scattered in the city. Everyone was eager to investigate the field with his/her own questions.

“What is fieldwork for me?” “How do I include it in my research?” were just some of the questions that the participants discussed in the afternoon session, at the Dansk Arkitektur Center along the waterfront of Copenhagen.


Andrea Conti
Doctoral Student at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; Division of Landscape Architecture

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