Course adventure with Kenya on upcoming IFLA-conference 2023

Last changed: 04 May 2021

The objective of this small workshop was to do a more in-depth presentation of our different universities. We also wanted to get insights on the different Landscape architect programs in our respective countries.

In addition one of the aims was to start the collaboration in preparation for, or adjacent to, the IFLA conference 2023. Traditionally the Universities of the hosting countries for the IFLA conference makes contribution on paper reviews, student charrette, joint courses and events and competitions.

We talked shortly about:

  • What courses are held in the different countries?
  • What are the challenges in the different education programs in the different countries?
  • How many students are there in different programs and courses?
  • How and when is a semester and the logistics in courses in the different countries?
  • How can courses be combined with IFLA 2023?
  • How do we build up?

Some ideas:

Having joint zoom lectures in some courses could be a good way to try out some collaboration.

To do: further contact with teachers and program responsible. Maria and Dennis?

We hope for teacher and student exchanges as soon as Covid allows.

To do: Applications for funding. Pia and Emily?

Making a joint course for a competition means that we have to start planning now. One idea that was that it would be possible to have the masterthesis for landscape architects formed like a contest. That would be a good timeframe in spring periods 2023 for Sweden.

To do: further planning. Maria and Dennis?

There is a strict program for the competition organized by IFLA.

To do: Contact the competition organization for IFLA. Caroline?

We decided to:

  • Maria and Dennis send links and descriptions on the course curriculum to each other
  • Make a sketch for a timeline to work by
  • A new meeting to be held the 10:th of may at 15.30 Swedish time.



From Kenya:
Landscape architect and lecturer of JKUAT, board member of the AAK Landscape chapter: Caroline Wanza
Chairperson of the landscape architect department, Doctor Dennis Karanja

From Sweden:
Landscape architect and Professor Emily Wade
Landscape architect and associate Professor Maria Kylin
Landscape architect and representation Architects Sweden Pia Jonsson