Exploring future possibilities in Alnarp living labs. Collaboration and research on multisensory design

Last changed: 05 May 2021
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In this workshop the new garden laboratory in Alnarp (formerly the rehab garden) was discussed. The emphasis was on the development of Sensola, a laboratory for measuring multisensory experiences.

During the session, facilities and research opportunities in the garden and laboratory were described. Subsequent conversations revolved around definitions and frameworks (including the concept of living labs) as well as the possibility of collaboration and use of the laboratory's equipment for researchers and teachers within SLU. Included in the discussions were a total of 10 participants divided between IMS, LAPF and UF who, through their participation, provided important input to the garden laboratory's continued development.


Organized by: Gunnar Cerwén (IMS), Caroline Hägerhäll (IMS), Anna Maria Palsdottir (IMS), Sara Kyrö Wissler (IMS)


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