Teaching from a distance - onwards!

Last changed: 04 May 2021

SLU Landscape Teachers Synergy Forum held a workshops during the Landscape Days (April 14-15, 2021) where we continued to discuss the tools, tricks and pedagogics of distance teaching.

TSFThe ambition of the workshop was to try and sum up the experiences from the past year, in order to get the right support for teachers for the future.

The conclusions can be captured in four points:

  • We all agree that we have come a long way – the Landscape educators at SLU are competent distance teachers but distance studies are still more time consuming for all participants.
  • Not all matter is suited for distance studies – sensory or practical skills will continue to be developed best by teachers and students in a shared space.
  • There is a continual need for a forum for discussion of these matters, not least in order to exchange constantly evolving experience.
  • There is also a further need for development of pedagogical and technological tools for this format - in order to develop those courses or elements which are well suited to distance studies.

The Teaching Synergy Forum will pick up the many ideas from the workshop and try to find a format where they can be realized.


Moderator/organized by:
Emma Butler (SOL), AnnaMaria Pálsdóttir (IMS), Petra Thorpert (LAPF)

Participants: Ronja Zellmer (Lapf), Karl Lövrie (Lapf), Marie Larsson (Lapf), Patrik Olsson (Lapf), Kristin Wegren (Lapf), Ingrid Sarlöv-Herlin (Lapf), Marina Queiroz (Sol), Emma Butler (Sol), AnnaMaria Pálsdóttir (IMS), Petra Thorpert (Lapf).

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