SLU LANDSCAPE Teaching Synergy Forum

Last changed: 06 May 2021

A setting for landscape educators at SLU to discuss teaching, exchange ideas, share work materials and explore collaboration opportunities.

The SLU LANDSCAPE Teaching Synergy Forum continues to create a space for cross campus discussion and collaboration. 

Digital workshops during SLU Landscape days 2021 (Apr 14-15)

Teaching from a distance - onwards!

How did it turn out for our Nordic neighbours? Digitalization and distance learning from a Nordic perspective

Digital workshop during SLU Landscape day 2020 (Sep 16)

Pedagogical challenge: supporting creativity at a distance


If you want to read about the outcome from previous workshops that the Forum organized, see links to previous events below.

About the Teaching Synergy Forum

For the coming two years we will run the Teaching Synergy Forum. Our ambition is to continue the work that has started with promoting and developing quality by utilizing all the capacity and knowledge within SLU Landscape. We have planned to focus on our joint workshops during the Landscape Days, with programs for and feedback from them. In the spring of 2020, we will replace the set workshop with three distance meetings that will provide the opportunity to exchange experience from the transition to distance learning. We hope to be able to contribute to an efficient exchange and better work situation directly.

Petra Thorpert  AnnaMaria Pálsdóttir  Emma Butler


The TEACHING SYNERGY FORUM grows out of the 2017-2018 Call for Ideas project Talking about Teaching, initiated by Åsa Bensch (Alnarp) and Marina Queiroz (Ultuna). The project fosters quality landscape education by harnessing the collective capacity and knowledge of the SLU Landscape teaching community. The FORUM continues to pursue the same goals motivating the original “Talking about Teaching” project: to establish a better understanding of available teaching resources; to identify how SLU landscape educators can work better together, across campuses; and to provide a supportive network for educators working in the Landscape field.

This FORUM welcomes anyone engaged with teaching in the Landscape field at SLU. Building on the success of SLU Landscape day workshops in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018, the new TEACHING SYNERGY FORUM invites teachers to continue meeting and learning from each other as “Talking about Teaching” workshops will now be a regular part of the SLU Landscape Days program.

The TEACHING SYNERGY FORUM continuously collects and compiles topics to discuss at upcoming workshops on SLU Landscape Days: more information here. If you have suggestions for workshops or topics related to teaching that you want discuss or evolve, don´t hesitate to get in contact with us. Contact information below.  


Anna Maria Palsdottir, Researcher at the Department of Work Science, Business Economics and Environmental Psychology

Telephone: +4640415536

Emma Butler, Lecturer at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; Division of Landscape Architecture

Telephone: +46761346387

Petra ThorpertLecturer at the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management

Telephone: +4640-415274

SLU Landscape
SLU Landscape operates as a cross-institutional network for collaboration and joint profiling of work done in the landscape subject area at SLU. It is one of the largest environments for research and teaching in landscape architecture in Europe.

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