Climatized rooms with daylight

Last changed: 04 March 2024

This type of climatized rooms is not available in any other facility in Sweden. The room allows high precision and accuracy as regards temperature, humidity and CO₂

The light is natural through transparent panels and can, thus, not be controlled. The panels are composed of glass in several isolating layers. There will be possibilities to install supplementary light fittings (assimilation lighting). The lighting can be controlled on-off via a time channel, or by the level of natural light. DK is a room which is completely sealed off from the outside. Climatization takes place with circulating air. A minor part of the air is continuously exchanged to secure the level of CO₂ (depending on demands on control of CO₂) and to ventilate undesirable gases. This air is passing through HEPA-filter. There is no installation for shading. There are curtains between the rooms to prevent undesirable light from adjacent rooms, i.e. from installed supplementary lighting. The use area of the rooms is ca 14 m² with a free height of 2,3 m. There is access to cold tap water, de-ionized water, compressed air and electrical sockets. All rooms meet the requirements for enclosed cultivation. All rooms have the following operational conditions:

Temperature  +6 oC  –  +35 oC
Air humidity  5-30 g/kg, 30-80%

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