Greenhouse chambers

Last changed: 04 March 2024
Photo of greenhouse chamber.

These chambers are designated for research activities with less stringent demands on climatization.

All chambers have functions for the control of temperature and air humidity, but there is no control of CO₂. There will be possibilities to install supplementary light fittings (assimilation lighting). The lighting can be controlled on-off via a time channel, or by the level of natural light. Too high temperature is regulated by ventilation through wall and roof openings. Panels comprise of glass in several isolating layers. There are curtains between the chambers to prevent undesirable light from adjacent rooms, i.e. from installed supplementary lighting. There are curtains for shading, which are controlled via a time channel or by the level of natural light. The use area of the chambers is ca 14 m² with a free height of 2,3 m. There is access to cold tap water, de-ionized water, compressed air and electrical sockets. Due to the ventilation through openings, these chambers are allowed for enclosed cultivation only for part of the year. All chambers have the following operational conditions:

Temperature – up to +20 oC at -20 oC outside
Air humidity – max humification with 8 lit per hour

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