SLU Food Lab

Last changed: 03 October 2023
Section from the SLU Food Lab, a food kitchen with equipment

The SLU Food Lab is an arena side-by-side with teaching and research, which contributes to increased knowledge about the interaction between raw materials, process and product.

The development lab contains a professional and approved kitchen equipped with vessels for beer brewing, pasteurizer, oil press and presses for the production of must and wine, larger double-jacketed vessels for jam and marmalade cooking, but also tools and fermentation vessels for, for example, sauerkraut production. The lab is also equipped with a large gas stove and a dishwasher designed for commercial kitchens.

The facility is primarily intended for researchers at SLU Alnarp to use in research and teaching. Subject to availability, researchers from other parts of SLU are welcome to book the lab. Students have the opportunity to use the lab for theses and projects (which carries funding).

The SLU Food Lab is used together with business manager Gun Hagström, who helps finding the right equipment and method to achieve the goal within a project or teaching and leads the process within the lab.

Contact Gun Hagström for booking.

SLU Food Lab

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