Handling of animals at transport and slaughter

Last changed: 11 October 2023
Illustration: Logotype for the project "Handling of animals at transport and slaughter" HATS.

Handling of animals at transport and slaughter (HATS) has international recognition as one of the most forefront research centres in the area of animal welfare in connection with handling at transport and slaughter. We carry out research on Animal transport logistics; Herding and driving techniques; Overnight lairage; Stunning and stun quality; and Slaughterhouse work environment. Our main focus is farm animals.

CowMembers of the group serve as experts for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), national and international authorities, the industry and NGOs. We are frequently used as teachers by e.g. the European Commission (Better Training for Safer Food), national authorities and the slaughter industry.

Our vision is that animals during transport and slaughter are competently and effectively handled in accordance with their biology to safeguard their welfare.