More fertile horses – how can we best utilize field data to select stallions and mares?

Last changed: 25 January 2018

In this project we analyze field recorded data related to fertility in Swedish horses. A good fertility in stallions and mares is of economic importance and a prerequisite for efficient breeding, also for traits such as performance and health.

We use data on inseminations and natural matings and foaling results that are routinely recorded for Swedish Warmblood riding horses and for Swedish Standardbred trotters and Nordic trotters. In this project we analyze per estrus information as well as seasonal foaling results. The aim is to gain knowledge about different measures of fertility based on field recordings of inseminations and foalings, and to estimate genetic parameters for the different traits. The influence of different environmental effects is also of interest.


The project is financed from the Swedish-Norwegian foundation for equine research (SHF).

Project leader is Susanne Eriksson

Coworker is Åsa Viklund


Susanne Eriksson
Researcher at the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics; Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Applied Genetics

Telephone: +4618672007

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