PREGURINE: Biomarkers in blood and urine at pregnancy in dogs

Last changed: 21 December 2022
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Today, there is no test that with accuracy can determine whether a bitch is pregnant using urine or blood samples. This project aims to investigate differences in blood and urine between bitches that are and that are not pregnant, to assess if there are markers in blood and/or urine that can be used for pregnancy diagnosis.

In many species, the hormone concentrations change when the female becomes pregnant. This means, that blood or urine sample can measure biomarkers to determine pregnancy (e.g., urine pregnancy test in humans). In dogs however, the hormone concentrations are the same after heat whether or not the bitch becomes pregnant, which is the reason for the pseudopregnancy in the bitch. To overcome this issue we are using an advanced technique to identify a large number of substances of so called oxylipins with the aim to identify differences between the pregnant and the non-pregnant bitch.

In the same project we will have the opportunity to look into other factors related to reasons for the bitch not to become pregnant. In one part of the project we are investigating hormone concentrations, such as progesterone,  in bitches in early pregnancy we also plan to look further into factors related to for example inflammation in the uterus or absorption of foetuses during early pregnancy.

Project time och funding:

2022-2023, Funding received from the Agria and SKK research fund, Thure F and Karin Forsbergs fund, Kempestiftelserna and from private donations.

Studien är godkänd av Uppsala djurförsöksetiska nämnd (Dnr. 5.8.18-06651/2022).


Responsible for sample collection in Uppsala: Ida Hallberg, DVM, VMD, resident ECAR, Division of reproduction, Department of Clinical Sciences

PI Uppsala: Bodil Ström Holst, DVM, VMD, Dipl. ECAR, Division of Reproduction, Department of Clinical Sciences

Project PI: Malin Linder Nording, University lecturer, PhD, Department of Chemistry, Umeå University


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