U-CAN-MOVE! - Evaluation of the training program "Upp och hoppa - sund med hund"

Last changed: 11 June 2021
Runners with dog

In today's modern society, with an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, regular physical activity is important for people's physical and mental health. Despite this, the proportion of sedentary people increases, this is particularly evident during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. There is evidence to suggest that dog ownership provides health benefits - as dog owners are known to be more physically active than non-dog owners. Despite this, up to 70% of dog owners are insufficiently physically active, and 20-40% do not go for walks with their dogs. The activity level among Swedish dog owners and dogs is not known.

The overall purpose of our project is to stimulate increased long-term physical activity in dog owners and dogs. In 2021, the research group will perform a study that evaluates how a training program used by Swedish dog owners affect physical and mental health factors in both dog owners and dogs.

For more information contact senior lecturer Anna Bergh, anna.bergh@slu.se.


Anna Bergh, Senior Lecturer
Department of Clinical Sciences, SLU
anna.bergh@slu.se, 018-67 21 52