Blueberry taint in milk

Last changed: 22 August 2023
Cow in a row in a stable

The taste and smell of milk can sometimes be disrupted. One of the problems is when the milk has the scent and taste of blueberries. This can affect the quality of an entire milk silo at the dairy and the quality of the products made of it.

In this project we will try to find out the causes of this taste error. Our main hypothesis is that it has to do with disturbances in the nutrient supply of the cow and thus changes in the degradation products that are formed.

We will analyse milk and feed from affected farms and interview the farmers about factors that may have contributed to the problem.

The project is a collaboration between SLU's departments for Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden and Molecular Sciences, Norrmejerier, Arla, Falköping dairy and Växa Sverige.

The project is funded by the Kamprad Family Foundation and Stiftelsen Lantbruksforskning and Regional jordbruksforskning för norra Sverige.