FRESH - Fish REaring and Stress Hazards

Last changed: 14 September 2023

FRESH is a research collaboration founded in 2012 between the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and the University of Gothenburg (GU) which aims to increase knowledge and awareness about fish welfare.

Illustration: The logotype of SLU and The University of Gothenburg in one picture.


Animal welfare is a complex area that consists of a combination of everything from veterinary medicine and nutrition to physiological and behavioral needs. The goal of FRESH is to connect all the sciences needed to understand the different needs of animals and thus better understand how humans affect fish in different ways.

A group of people, all of them in the FRESH project research group.

The project group is dynamic and consists of various researchers, active in Sweden, with the common interest in increasing knowledge about fish welfare. In the group, we also work actively to both develop and to assist others to develop legislations, rules and recommendations for treatment of fish.

Project Group:

Bo Algers (SLU), Michael Axelsson (GU), Lotta Berg (SLU), Andreas Ekström (GU), Albin Gräns (SLU), Per Hjelmstedt (SLU), Anders Kiessling (SLU), Torbjörn Lundh (SLU), Tristan McArley (GU), Jonathan Roques (GU), Jennifer Bowman (SLU), Jeroen Brijs (SLU), David Huyben (SLU), Erik Sandblom (GU), Erika Sundell (SLU), Kristina Sundell (GU), Henrik Sundh (GU), Niklas Warwas (GU), Lucas Zena (GU), Lynne Sneddon (GU), Nicklas Kallstenius (SLU), Mishaal Akbar (GU).

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