GS-VMAS Mobility support

Last changed: 24 October 2023

GS-VMAS offers the possibility to apply for financial support to PHD students for taking courses outside of SLU.

It can sometimes be hard to find suitable PhD courses in ones subject and
therefore we at GS-VMAS want to, apart from supporting PhD courses
arranged at our faculty, also support PhD students that have found postgraduate courses at other universities both inside and outside of Sweden.

GS-VMAS will each year fund approximate 10 PhD students from the VH-faculty participating in postgraduate courses outside of SLU.

Please note that we do not give financial support to pure digital/online courses.

To apply for support send us an email ( with the following information:
• Detailed description of the course, include link to course page if available.
• Motivation to why this course is important for the postgraduate studies.
• Certificate from the main supervisor supporting the importance of the visit for the applicant’s education.
• A budget clearly stating all the costs (maximum 10 000 can be applied for per student)

GS-VMAS will go through the different applications as they come in and get back to the applicant as soon as possible. The ones who receive funds are expected to provide GS-VMAS with a short report at the end of the course.