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Environmental engineering

This includes e.g. energy systems, remote sensing and environmental management.

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Gamification of sanitation planning

Gamification of sanitation planning: Exploring technical and societal readiness of nutrient-recovery systemsThere is pressing need for innovations in the sanitation sector which improve

Videos about water

At SLU, we conduct research on water in forest, agricultural and urban landscapes, drinking water, reuse and cycling of water, aquatic and fish ecology in lakes, watercourses and seas, bio economy,


Interested in the Baltic Sea? Discover all about it at the Baltic Sea Science Center (BSSC) located at Skansen, Stockholm, or join our digital events. SLU proudly contributes to the content of the


Interested in knowing more about how SLU contributes to the Baltic Sea Science Center (BSSC)? Please get in touch with any of the persons listed below. Experts in "Kunskapsrådet" for BSSC at SLU The

SLU Water Forum

Water is essential to life. At SLU more than 400 researchers and experts work with water-related issues, from source to sea. Our knowledge contributes to achieving the global sustainable development

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Older articles energy och tecnology newspapers eva-lena.selfene@slu.se

Solid biofuels

At the department of Energy and Technology we work with research in how solid biofuels best should be produced, handled and be delivered. We also asses environmental impact from different biofuel


At the Department of Energy and Technology research is primarily conducted on how agriculture and forestry can contribute to a sustainable society. The researchers are investigating how agriculture

Liquid Biofuels

To replace fossil fuels with renewable alternative in our vehicles is a huge challenge! Before the actual movement of e.g. a car, tractor or truck, the fuel has gone through a long chain. It has been

Life Cycle Assessment

All human activity has an impact on the environment. Life cycle assessment is a method to analyse the full impact of a product or service during its full lifetime (including resource extraction,

Agricultural Engineering

We explore the technology and systems needed to achieve a sustainable agricultural sector, a condition for a sustainable society. Our research is conducted at system as well as detail level.

Department of Energy and Technology

At the department of energy and technology, research and education are conducted focusing on how agriculture can contribute to a sustainable society. We have extensive expertise in technology and