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SLU Water Forum

Water is essential to life. At SLU more than 400 researchers and experts work with water-related issues, from source to sea. Our knowledge contributes to achieving the global sustainable development goals focusing on water quality, life in water and the human use of water resources.

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SLU – a water university

SLU Water Forum brings together water-related education, research  and environmental monitoring and assessment at SLU. Explore the current water issues at SLU!


Knowledge bank on water and fish

SLU and the Baltic Sea Science Center

Curious about the Baltic Sea? Discover all about it at the Baltic Sea Science Center (BSSC) located at Skansen, Stockholm. SLU proudly contributes our knowledge.

Master's theses about water

Would you like to do a thesis project within a water-related subject area at SLU? If so, we would like to assist you in finding the right one.

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Drinking water and health

SLU develops knowledge to support decision makers and the water services industry in their work to achieve safer drinking water and water treatment. Learn from our current knowledge.

Watch our videos about water research at SLU

At SLU, we conduct research on water in forest, agricultural and urban landscapes, drinking water, reuse and cycling of water, aquatic and fish ecology in lakes, watercourses and seas, bio economy, management and much more. Watch our videos about water!


Published: 01 December 2023 - Page editor: water@slu.se