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Research at SLU develops knowledge about the biological natural resources and man’s management and sustainable use of them. Water is an integrated and important part of this work and SLU has extensive and excellent research relating to water. SLU’s research is strengthened by extensive collaborations with researchers around the world.

Contact a researcher

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Portrait photo of Anna Gårdmark.

Knowledge bank

Read about findings from research and environmental monitoring and assessment on water and fish. The knowledge bank also contains expertise on SLU connected issues.

Research stations

SLU is the host and coordinator of SITES - Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science. SITES is a nationally coordinated infrastructure for terrestrial and limnological field research, that among other things manages the research stations Abisko, Asa, Erken, Grimsö, Lönnstorp, Röbäcksdalen, Skogaryd and Svartberget.

Two people from SLU measure the length of caught fish, on the vessel Svea.

Departments at SLU with research related to water

Collaborative centres and projects that works with water issues

Published: 24 November 2023 - Page editor: water@slu.se