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Agricultural Engineering

We explore the technology and systems needed to achieve a sustainable agricultural sector, a condition for a sustainable society. Our research is conducted at system as well as detail level.

Resource Supply

Machines need fuel, soil fertilizers etc. Many of these resources are produced (directly or indirectly) from fossil resources. How can we replace them with resources produced from renewable resources?


Modern agriculture is highly mechanised. How can agricultural machinery be constructed and used as energy efficiently, environmentally and productivelly as possible?

Environmental Impact

How is it possible to reduce the environmental impact through increasing efficiencies and reducing losses in the product chain from farm to consumer?

Bioenergy Production

Plants and trees are experts in utilizing the sun. How can we utilize them to produce energy for our own purposes in an economically and environmentally responsible way?

Biochar systems

Biochar is the carbon rich material produced from biomass which has large potential to provide negative greenhouse gas emissions as a stable carbon stock in soil, alongside other climate and environmental benefits.

Small houses, industry, cities, agriculture, forests: charcoal is produced from many different sources and stored in many ways too.
Published: 09 May 2023 - Page editor: agnes.soto@slu.se