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Horticultural science

Horticulture includes professional growing of vegetables in fields or in greenhouses, as well as of fruit, berries, mushrooms and ornamental trees and plants. Storing, distribution and marketing of the products are also included. Horticulture also deals with leasure time gardening.

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Ask a researcher

SLU has many experts in different subjects. Some of them are listed at the Swedish web page. Contact them if you have something to discuss. SLU has many researchers with a special mission to

Swedish National Plant Protection Conference 2022

How do we achieve sustainable plant protection? This was discussed at the Swedish National Plant Protection Conference 2022 on 9-10 November at Ultuna in Uppsala.


Plant Biology for Sustainable Production - Master's Programme Country: Nepal Why did I choose SLU? - My academic journey started in Punjab, where I completed my undergraduate degree in Agriculture


We work at the SLU Centre for Biological Control. Please contact us if you have questions about our business or would like to discuss research collaborations, orders or inquiries! Johan Stenberg


CBC develops knowledge about biological control, to use living organisms to control pests.

Centre for Biological Control (CBC)

We contribute to the development of new knowledge concerning the use of living organisms to control pests and diseases.

Ingrid Wesström, soil physics

Ingrid Wesström is an expert on water management in the agricultural landscape. More information at the Swedish page.

Helena Aronsson, soil and environment

Helena Aronsson is an expert on soil and environment. Good nutrient management on a farm is the key for efficient production with low negative environmental impact. In collaboration with stakeholders

Malin Hultberg, horticulture

Malin Hultberg is an expert on horticulture with specialisation in the food chain. Her expertise is in the use of microorganisms such as microalgae and fungi from a production perspective. In

Beneficial fungi can protect coffee plantations against serious plant disease

Coffee wilt disease cause great harvest losses in Ethiopia. Now, researchers from SLU and Ethiopia have developed, formulated and evaluated a range of biofungicides against the disease in the lab, in

Moving large trees

Project leader Petter Åkerblom , Senior Lecturer, Division of Landscape Architecture, SLU Project participants Örjan Stål , Expert, Division of Landscape Architecture, SLU & VIÖS AB, +46706578424

Mats Söderström, precision agriculture

Mats Söderström is an expert on precision agriculture where you use satellite positioning, sensors, digital soil mapping, satellite images, and geographical information systems to adapt cultivation