Last changed: 03 April 2024

Reports and projects produced by SLU Horticulture.

Present state analysis: Horticulture

A decision from the dean in spring 2017 appointed a working group for operations and activities within horticulture. The group was active between 1 May 2017 and 30 June 2018 and worked with the project Insatsstyrka Trädgård (Taskforce: Horticulture). Early on in the project, the group could see that obtaining an overview of horticulture as a discipline is difficult as the subject is spread out over all the departments at LTV Faculty.

This present state analysis and compilation of skills within horticulture intends to provide a more coherent picture of the subject. Read the report (in Swedish)

Project presentation – Task force: Horticulture

– the task force is a combined power within the subject of horticulture, and intends to establish a goal-driven, resource efficient, comprehensive organisation; draw on the possibility to bring together activities within horticulture at all departments at the faculty, including the Unit for Collaboration and Development. Read the report. (in Swedish)