Last changed: 06 December 2022

MACRO-DB is a decision-support tool for pesticide exposure assessment for surface waters and groundwater and is used mainly in water protection areas in Sweden.

A new version of MACRO-DB (comprised of a meta-model of MACRO and a web-based graphical user interface) has been developed by knoell Germany GmbH in cooperation with CKB and with financial support from the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management. The new tool is a fast easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain web-based tool for these risk assessments and was launched November 30 2022.

MACRO-SE is a regional application of the tool which can be used to identify high risks areas in a county or a river basin in Sweden and is mainly used for the work related to the Water Framework Directive.

Please contact us for more information about the tools, or see the Swedish version of this page.


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SLU Centre for Pesticides in the Environment, +46 18-67 31 05