Collaborations in biological control

Last changed: 05 February 2024
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SLU Centre for Biological Control interacts with many external stakeholders in sustainable biocontrol methods. We have contact with authorities as well as companies, interest groups and other research institutes to develop the sustainable plant protection methods of the future. CBC contributes knowledge and expertise in a variety of collaborative projects.

Collaborate with us!

Contact us if you, for example, you want to start a collaboration, have suggestions for student work or want advice on an issue concerning biological control. Contact a reseracher in an area that you are interested in.

  • Biodiversity and conservation biological control with insects and arachnids
    Mattias Jonsson: mattias.jonsson, 018-67 24 50
  • Nematodes in biological control
    Maria Viketoft:, 018-67 15 05
  • Biological control and chemical ecology between insects, microbes and plants
    Paul Becher:, 040-41 53 05
  • Fungi in biological control
    Magnus Karlsson:, 018-67 18 37
  • Plant traits and varieties and biological control in general
    Johan Stenberg:, 040-41 53 78

Agneta-Sundgren.jpg"For farmers, it is important to find solutions to plant protection problems. Learning about biocontrol methods in development is very inspiring and gives hope for the future."

Agneta Sundgren
Lantbrukarnas riksförbund, LRF


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"Contacts with CBC help me to have control over what happens in the field of biological control."

Johanna Jansson
The Swedish Board of Agriculture