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Here you will find publications by Future Forests. We publish policy briefs and reports among other things.

Policy Briefs

Future Forests publishes policy briefs to aid policy makers on important and current issues.

Two hands holding a compass, in the background you can see woodland. Photo.


In Future Forests Reports, you'll find research compilations on topics like forestry methods, environmental consideration, governance and forest biodiversity. Note that some reports may not be available in English.

Signpost at a forest path. Photo.

Publication database

This is a database feed of Future Forests publications.

Forest Facts

Forest Facts (Fakta Skog) presents findings from SLU research and ongoing environmental monitoring. The fact sheets are only available in Swedish.

A red forest machine takes down pines in a pine forest. Photo.

Forest & Future

2011-2020 Future Forests published the magazine Skog & Framtid [Forest & Future]. Here are all the published editions available for download. Swedish language only.

A deer in a field. Photo.

Knowledge Bank

Read popular science articles about forest and wood in the SLU knowledge bank.

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Emma Holmström, Program Director for Future Forests
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