About Future Forests

Last changed: 17 January 2024
Two men in a forest. Photo.

Future Forests focuses on sustainable forestry in a wider sense. The platform covers both the importance of forest and forestry in the development of a bio-based economy, and different ecosystem services that forests provide. It also encompasses different decision-making processes, where different perspectives on forestry are considered.

Future Forests is a platform for interdisciplinary forest research, collaboration and science communication.

The platform is a collaborative effort between SLU, Umeå University and Skogforsk. Future Forests is characterized by inter- and multidisciplinary methods in the intersection of academia and society, and with a focus on the future.

Given that it transcends faculties and involves societal stakeholders, Future Forests is able to tackle complex scientific questions in a multi-faceted way.


Future Forests board.

Our work

Future Forests aims to:

  • identify needs for knowledge, through projects based on synthesis and analysis, and generate scientifically based decision support for issues relevant to society;
  • identify and develop new questions for research to support solutions to future challenges;
  • develop interdisciplinary working methods by coordinating cooperation across disciplinary boundaries.

SLU’s Future platforms having been established to strengthen and develop a multi-disciplinary approach that improves sustainable development as well as society at large.

Program Plans

Download the Program Plan for the second phase (2013-2016)

Download the Program Plan for the first phase (2009-2012)


The research platform Future Forests is a joint initiative between SLU (The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences), Umeå University and Skogforsk (The Forestry Research Institute of Sweden). SLU serves as host.

Future Forests was initiated as a research program by Mistra (The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research) in 2009. In 2017, Future Forests transformed into a research platform and serves as one of SLU's four Future platforms, the others being SLU Future FoodSLU Future One Health och SLU Urban Futures.