Modelling of annual weeds: Population growth dynamics and competition with black-grass in focus

Last changed: 30 January 2019
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The aim of the project was to optimize the effects of cultivation practices on soil seed bank size (= population size), using Alopecurus myosuroides (black-grass; renkavle) as a model species.

We developed models that can explain and predict the long-term effect of integrated weed management strategies on annual weed populations. We had the unique possibility to use data from ongoing long-term experiment as basis for the model development. In addition, data from other ongoing and earlier field- and greenhouse experiments were available for answering more specific research questions. A modelling approach was much needed, in order to understand the long-term effect of different weed control strategies and to fully exploit the large amount of available data. Although using A. myosuroides as model species, the developed model is applicable to other problematic weed species belonging to the same functional group (winter annual plants).

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