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Forest damage facts

On our theme pages, we collect facts and research about various aspects of forest damage. Both for those you who want to get a quick overview and for you who want introductions to delve deeper into.

Forest fire and draught

What causes a forest fire? Which forests are most likely to burn? How do the trees and plants cope with the fire and draught? SLU is researching this area.

A man in front of a large fire. Photo.

Damage caused by insects

Dry and warm weather favors certain insects that can kill large volumes of forest. New insects that come to Sweden can have devastating consequences. What are we doing to save the forest?

An insect. Photo.

Damage caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses

Fungi, bacteria and viruses can cause devastating damage. SLU conducts research on the most economically and ecologically important pests in Swedish forests.

Orange coating on a pine trunk. Photo.

Damage caused by wildlife

Ungulate game can cause major forest damage, while fear of game damage affects how the forest is managed. The wildlife adaptations can in turn increase the risk of other forest damage.

Grazing moose in snow with a yellow collar. Photo.

Damage caused by wind and snow

Climate change is expected to increase the incidence of several different types of forest damage, such as wind and snow.

Storm damage in forest. Photo.

Socio-economic impact

Using economic principles and tools, we conduct research to strengthen forestry and welfare in society.

TImber in a pile. Photo.

Forest management with Heureka

Heureka is a program series where users can make several different analyses, plans and scenarios for forest management and how forest damage can be avoided.

A woman in a pine tree that has many yellow needles. Photo.

Forest damage and SLU

Here, you find all units that work with research and environmental monitoring and assessment of forest damage at SLU.

A man and a woman crouching in the forest. Photo.
Published: 10 November 2023 - Page editor: theres.svensson@slu.se