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Last changed: 12 March 2024
Boots on forest ground.  Photo.

The research school at the SLU Forest Damage Centre is an important component both for knowledge development in the field and for the supply of competence within universities, research institutes, authorities and forest companies. At present, there is a significant need to increase competence linked to forest damage in society at large and within all these categories of organisations.

The SLU Forest Damage Centre's research school will train researchers to get a broad expertise in forest damage. The graduate school is open to all PhD students at SLU who are interested, regardless of whether one's education is financed by the SLU Forest Damage Centre or not.

The research school is an industry-/authority research school, where organisations outside SLU are invited to participate. Networks established within the research school are also expected to facilitate future collaborations.

Graduate school activities

The SLU Forest Damage Centre Research School arranges annual excursions where various affected areas are visited and forest damage is discussed in the field. Previous visits have been to SCA's forests in Jämtland where pine forest affected by Scot’s pine blister rust and storm damage areas were visited. Öster Malma in Södermanland has also been visited. Game grazing and the ravages of the spruce bark beetle as well as root rot on pine were discussed there.

Research school's annual meeting

The annual meeting is for all PhD students, supervisors and contact persons at companies and other organisations that collaborate with the research school. At the meeting, interesting lectures are offered and plans for the research school's work will be discussed.

Postgraduate courses

The research school also offers three postgraduate courses in the field of forest damage:

  1. Forest damage - incidence and causation
  2. Forest damage - inventory and monitoring
  3. Forest damage consequences and management.

The courses are open to all PhD students.

Register for the research school via the button at the top of the page. You can register at any time. 

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Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology
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