Urban Forum Practice meets Academia - Call for projects

Last changed: 20 June 2019

An invitation to reflective practitioners, practice-oriented researchers, and design critics to present and discuss collaborative experiences, case studies and practices from a variety of backgrounds, in view of developing sustainable cities and communities (built or drawn work, speculative or actual, contemporary or historical).

International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2019 - Joining Forces For Change

10-13 September 2019, Gothenburg, Sweden

Transdisciplinary research is understood as co-producing and integrating knowledge and expertise from a variety of sources, including communities, research, cities and businesses, while crossing boundariesbetween academia and practice. It is an approach that is driven by the need to create processes where values and transformations towards a more just and sustainable society are openly debated. The research platforms Urban Arena, at Lund University, and SLU Urban Futures, at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, qualify as academic agents with concern for professional practice and the built environment – as such we want to join forces during the International Transdisciplinarity Conference from 10-13 September 2019 in Gothenburg. In line with European research programmes like JPI Urban Europe we see SDG 11 on sustainable cities and communities as a portal to all other SDGs, and the urban realm as a place where cluster problems are more manifest than elsewhere and where sustainability efforts can multiply exponentially and almost overnight. Convinced that particularly valuable action-oriented knowledge arises from the exchange of practice and academia, we arrange a particular format of encounter: the Urban Forum | Practice meets Academia. Practitioners of architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, urban studies and the construction industry are invited to display their building projects (realised or not) and research endeavours (practice-based or -oriented) in an exhibition. Sessions (in English | 12-13 September 2019) dedicated to each project allow the authors to discuss burning questions, critical aspects, inspiring findings they wish to bring to light and get feedback on, in a collegial atmosphere. Project authors present their work during 10 minutes, followed by a moderated discussion of 15 minutes.


Submissions are welcome from practitioners, researchers, and design critics. Please submit an abstract / a project description (max 500 words and imagery, see submission template) before 15 August 2019 to urbanforum.info@gmail.com.

Download the template.

The submissions will be reviewed by the committee by 20 August 2019. Selected project authors will be invited to prepare posters for the exhibition during the International Transdisciplinarity Conference. Supplementary presentation materials (models, movies, multimedia) can be included to complement the posters during the individual sessions (technical support to be discussed with the organisers). Submis­sion and participation is free of charge, selected authors get free access to the conference.



15 August 2019 Deadline for submission of abstracts / project descriptions

20 August 2019 Notification of acceptance

10-13 September 2019 Open exhibition Urban Forum | Practice meets Academia at Wallenberg Conference Center

12-13 September 2019 Sessions within the Urban Forum | Practice meets Academia at Wallenberg Conference Center


Wallenberg center - Medicinaregatan 20, 41390 Gothenburg


Send an e-mail to urbanforum.info@gmail.com


SLU Urban Futures, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Urban Arena, Lund University


International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2019

Joining Forces For Change


Tankesmedjan Movium/ Think Tank Movium, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Urban Forum | Practice meets Academia is a collaborative initiative by Prof. Lisa Diedrich, SLU Urban Futures (www.slu.se/urbanfutures), and Assoc. Prof. Per-Johan Dahl, Urban Arena at Lund University(www.urban.lu.se/), with the purpose of increasing the interaction between practice and academia.

The International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2019 Joining Forces For Change (http://www.transdisciplinarity.ch/en/td-net/Veranstaltungen/ITD-2019.html) aims to bring together actors from differ­ent professional mandates, disciplines and sectors to engage and discuss practical examples and case studies that approach societal transformation through boundary breaking collaboration. 

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