Animal based welfare indicators

Last changed: 04 April 2024
cattle on pasture

SCAW has worked together with representatives from the other Nordic countries to develop material about animal based welfare indicators.

 A group of representatives from Nordic countries have developed animal based welfare indicators (ABWI) to be used at official controls of farm animals. The project is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.  Members of the group are Else Enemark, Fødevarestyrelsen, Danmark, Helena Hepola, Ruokavirasto, Finland, Thora J Jonasdottir, Matvælastofnun Island, Harald Øverby, Mattilsynet, Norge och Birgitta Staaf Larsson, SCAW, SLU, Sverige.

Fact sheets have been developed for assessment of the welfare of cattle, pigs and sheep.

ABWI scoring cattle.pdf

ABWI scoring pigs.pdf

ABWI scoring sheep.pdf