Handling time when ringing wild birds

Last changed: 04 April 2024
Marsh Tit on a weathered twig, photo

In Sweden, just over 300,000 wild birds are ringed annually. When birds are ringed, the procedure include several steps that can involve both discomfort and stress for the birds. In addition, during handling the birds cannot perform other important behaviors such as eating and grooming, which can adversely affect the birds.  

In this pilot project the amount of time used for the various aspects of ringing (from capture to release) will be recorded. The results will be used for more comprehensive studies aimed at reducing handling time when ringing birds. The aim is to reduce the total handling time while maintaining information quality and improving welfare for the birds.

Project group:

  • Associate professor Adriaan de Jong, Department of Game, Fish and Environment, SLU
  • DVM Johan Lindsjö, National Center for Animal Welfare, SLU