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Here the inventories of various plant groups that were carried out during Pom's first decade are described. Here are also links to other completed projects. Information on pure research projects is gathered under Research.

Published: 28 January 2021 - Page editor: Linnea.Oskarsson@slu.se

The Programme for Diversity of Cultivated Plants

Coordinators: Helena Persson, helena.m.persson@slu.se +46 (0)73-532 84 92

Postal address: The Programme for Diversity of Cultivated Plants, P.O. Box 57, 230 53 Alnarp, Sweden

Visting address: Pomonavägen 4, Alnarp

Jens Weibull, jens.weibull@jordbruksverket.se, +46 (0)70-573 22 48

Postal address: Swedish Board of Agriculture, P.O. Box 12, 230 53 Alnarp, Sweden

Visiting address: Elevenborgsvägen 4, Alnarp