Innovative governance mechanisms

Last changed: 14 April 2021
Migrating cows and goats.

Drylands Transfrom will identify innovative land governance mechanisms and practices that effectively address livestockkeepers’ dependence on both flexible and secure rights to land.

Interviews, participatory observation, and focus group discussions will reveal how regional and national governance mechanisms influence local land use and land tenure practices.

A choice experiment survey will be completed in the four study sites, in which respondents will be asked to state a preference between different combinations of attributes. The survey allows an understanding of attributes central to household welfare and collective action in a pastoralist context, such as livestock health, cattle-raids, climate variability and change, labour cost, tenure security and flexible access to seasonal grazing land.

Secondary data and desk reviews of national policies and statistics will include land use changes, grazing pressure, economic development, changes in governance, markets and institutions, and government policy instruments for improving livelihoods of livestock keepers.

Cows on the move in Napak district Uganda.
Many livestock keepers in the drylands need to move their herds during the year to find fodder. Photo: Stephen Mureithi

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