Future scenarios

Last changed: 09 January 2024
A facilitator is showing a presentation slide to an audience in Nairobi.

Drylands Transform will co-design and evaluate alternative scenarios for sustainable dryland transformation in East Africa with stakeholders at local to national scales.

The research findings will be synthesized into a set of future scenarios describing possible drylands development pathways. Scenarios will be evaluated through interactive platforms and engagement workshops with policy makers and practitioners at local to global scale.

Scenarios will be based on socioeconomic and biophysical data collected within the four field sites, and scaled up into generic scenarios relevant for drylands in the wider East African region.

Joint scenario design and analysis will function as a tool for scientific synthesis of different research components and insights as well as for feeding future research ideas into science. The scenarios will also be used as a concrete method for the translation of empirical results into policy-relevant pathways towards a sustainable dryland transformation.

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